The Conflicting Claims

The History of Jerusalem is one of the most interesting and also the most controversial. The world has witnessed the issues that create conflict between the three religions The Judaism, Christianity and Islam, These are the different branches of the same root having existence in different parts of the world.

Let us talk about the claims that are made upon the 35 acres of land situated in Palestine. It is having a chronology to understand. The oldest among these three is the Jewish and according to their beliefs and records, Jewish claims that place as The Holy of Holies. They believe that God asks Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son and when he was about to sacrifice him God replaced him with the sheep and bestowed his blessings upon Abraham at the place known as Temple Mount. Another belief is that God treasured the soil here and created the first man Adam.

Around 1000 BCE King Solomon (also known as Nabi Suleman according to Islam ) built a Glorious temple known as the First Temple. Further, the Babylonian empire destructed the temple, After 5 centuries, around 516 BCE Jewish constructed the temple at the same place and named it the Second Temple. It lasted for nearly 600 years, But finally, it was destructed by Romans. But a west wall of the temple remained for today and is called The Western Wall and the Jewish people still pray near the western wall. these are the religious facts that gave religious importance to that place for the Jewish community.

Another aspect is the claim that Muslims draw, they stand with the fact in Quran it is mentioned that The prophet Muhammad has traveled from Mecca to Masjid al Aqsa and then to Heaven in just one night and returned. The pace where the prophet Muhammad reached and praised God is called the Masjid Al Aqsa and the place from where the prophet went to meet God is known as the Dome of Rock, Both has Historical as well as Religious Importance for the Muslim community all over the world, This is one of the three Holy places for Muslims.

Now the question is still there that, Who rules Jerusalem?? The Answer is Complicated.

This begins with the Crusades also known as the Holy War between the Christians and the Muslims, As it is clear that during the rise of Islam the Islamic Rulers conquered many places and empires all over the world and Jerusalem was one of them, this thing left no option for Christians rather than to fight and take back the Jerusalem. This place has been one of the religious places for Christians as they believe that God Jesus served his first sermon here and was crucified.
Every community is now striving their best to achieve the possession of the Holy Land and still, the picture is not clear.

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