Nadir Shah : A cruel invader

The medieval history of India is comprehensive and elegant as it had seen many up and down during that 300 years of rule by different rulers such as Turks, Mughals, and others. Historical accounts of many rulers depict themselves as either the best rulers, skilled commanders, and the extreme lover of Arts and literature as it can be seen in the region of Mughal emperors especially in the case of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar also known as Akbar the Great. But many others recorded themselves as the inefficient ruler, unskilled commander, and the degrader of Arts and dance forms. Many foreign travelers and the court jewels during that era have mentioned detailed accounts of some of the rulers, From the period of the 15th century till 18 century many reforms and development in different spheres of life took place and it recorded as the drastic change in arts and culture of the country.

Among many foreign travelers and court persons, few names of the great scholar and writers of that time are still taken with the respect that they contributed a great knowledge and understanding by translating books, writing biographies, and enable us to capture the true image of that era.

A Persian writer of that time Muhammad Qasim Maarawi, in his book “Alam ara Inaadri,” discussed a very interesting story of how The world’s most precious diamond KOHINOOR was being taken away to Iraq by Nadir Shah.
He writes ” After living for 57 days in India, Nadir Shah went back to his own country on 16th May 1739, He had taken away the all wealth and assets of the Mughal empire with him and left nothing behind. In his all invaded wealth the most precious was the Takht e Taaoos in which The Kohinoor and The Ruby of Taimoor were inserted. The treasure that he invaded was been sent to his country by the means of 700 elephants, 4000 camels, and 17000 horses. When the army crossed the Chenab bridge, each soldier was properly investigated, some of them threw the pieces of jewelry and other items in the river with the hope that someday they will return and take back the thing with them, and many of them buried their invaded items for being not to be caught in hands of the chief Nadir Shah. “

Nadir Shah when reached India. He was encountered with the emperor Muhammad Shah and won. He defeated Muhammad Shah and his army of 10 lakh men with just 1 and a half lakhs men of his army.
After reaching Delhi Nadir Shah made such a murder that the example of this is very less in history. This kind of horrific event was recorded in contemporary chronicles such as the Tazkira of Anand Ram Mukhlis.
In the words of the Tazkira:
“Here and there some opposition was offered, but in most places, people were butchered unresistingly. The Persians laid violent hands on everything and everybody. For a long time, streets remained strewn with corpses, as the walks of a garden with dead leaves and flowers. The town was reduced to ashes.”

In Short, Nadir Shah became the owner of all the wealth and assets of Mughals treasured for 348 years in just a moment.

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