How America lost the Vietnam War

The conflict in South Asia turned into a war in the 1950s The United States and other countries soon became a part of the long war which finally ended when north and south Vietnam got united as one country. The Vietnam war ultimately claimed lives after lives and much more loss of wealth and property can be seen during these years.

In Oct 1949, Chinese communist leader Mao Zealong formed the People’s Republic of China.

In 1950, The People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union recognized the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and soon they became the main suppliers of economic and military aid to the communist fighters within the country.

In Feb 1950, The Vietnam leader Viet Minh set up its offensive against the French colonial rulers.

In June 1950, U.S identified the Viet Minh as a threat and assisted France through military operations.

In March-May 1954, the French army was defeated and this solidified the end of the French rule in Indo China.

“The German Accords” in 1954 agreed on setting up north and south Vietnam and also stipulates that within two years the election to be held to unify Vietnam under one democratic government.

But in 1955, with the US backing, catholic Nationalist Ngo Dinh Diem emerged as South Vietnam leader while Ho Chi Minh established himself as the communist leader of North Vietnam.

In 1960, the National Liberation Front was formed and the united states started calling the military wing with a name the “Viet Cong”.

In 1961, President Kennedy sent helicopters and ordered secret operations against the Viet Cong.

In 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon B. Johnson became the new President of the United States. 

America enters the war

In Aug 1964, USS Maddox was attacked by the North in the Gulf of Tonkin, two U.S aircraft were shot down, this attack made a new resolution called the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution”.

In Nov 1964, the Soviet Union and China increased their support to North Vietnam by sending aircraft, radar, air defense systems, and medical supplies.

In Feb-March 1965, President Jhonson ordered and launched a three-year program to bomb the targets in North Vietnam, following this year the US marine landed on the South Vietnam outposts for the first time.

From 1965 to 1968, The US Army troops were constantly at war with North Vietnam by using South Vietnam land outposts. The south and the US forces were offensively resisted by the communist forces. The US suffered some 1800 casualties at that time.

America Lost the War

A combined attack by Viet Minh and North Vietnamese armies were carried out in more than 100 cities and across South Vietnam and the U.S. Embassy was invaded, this bloody and effective attack shocked the U.S officials and it marked the turning point in the war and it began the gradual U.S withdrawal from the region.

From Feb 11-17 1968 marked this week as the bloody week with the highest number of U.S. soldier deaths during the war.

The administration gradually slowed down the process and reduced the numbers of U.S. forces in South Vietnam.

In Feb 1970, U.S. NSA Henry Kissinger began to negotiate with Le Duc Tho peacefully. 

In 1971,  The New York Times published articles throwing light on how the U.S govt repeatedly and secretly involved in the Vietnam War. These were from the leaked document about the war known as the Pentagon Papers.

On Jan 27, 1973, President Nixon signed the agreement known as the Paris Peace Accords mentioning the end of U.S involvement in the Vietnam War, this was accepted by the North Vietnamese and the U.S forces departed from Vietnam.

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